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Harris hip score7 after the operation 76—98 points. In the ipsilateral fracture.

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The loss of fixation was caused RESULTS malunion distal humerus the fall, but also by osteolysis around the blade of our origi- This group of patients was operated on by three experi- nal ° angled blade plate, which necessitated insertion of the enced surgeons using the same technique. The senior author valgization plate blade more malunion distal humerus than usual.

This pa- J. Follow-up dylar plate with final limb shortening of 1. In one patient, we did All patients were subjectively satisfied with the outcome not obtain sufficient internal rotation and an external rotational of the surgery. All of them were also capable of full weight deformity of the limb of 15° persisted, which was tolerated by bearing on the operated limb.

The osteotomy healed without the patient. We had no cases with infection, avascular necrosis complications in 12 patients 4 patients with nonunion and 8 of the femoral head, or subsequent development of osteoarthri- patients with varus malunion within 4 months. In two patients, tis. Devices were extracted in 7 patients at their request, not both of them older than 80 years, a delayed union was recorded less than 1 year after osteotomy.

The average limb shortening with the exception of the The technique of valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy for patient with ipsilateral fracture before surgery was 3 cm and different diagnoses osteoarthritis, posttraumatic nonunion after the surgery was 1 cm, ie, the average surgical lengthening and malalignment, postdysplastic deformity, avascular necro- was 2 cm range 1—5 cm. In the patient with the ipsilateral sis of the femoral head, adolescent coxa vara was developed fracture, the preoperative shortening of 8 cm was reduced by by a number of authors8—16 and reached its peak in the s and 80s.

Weber even spoke of it as a lost art personal communication. Al- though recent literature contains a number of monographs de- scribing this technique,15,17—19 they relate mainly to osteoto- mies for osteoarthritis, deformities of the proximal femur as a result of developmental dysplasia of the hip, in idiopathic avascular necrosis of the femoral head and nonunion of femo- ral neck fractures.

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Weber and Čech,16 in their extensive monograph on nonunions, describe only five trochanteric nonunions, three of them after nonoperative treatment and two after surgery. Only a few studies present evaluation of specific results of the treat- ment of sequelae of trochanteric fractures.

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Example of a long-term result. A, Case 11, a female age of patients was 60 years range 25—73 years. The interval patient, sixty three years old, varus malunion after high sub- trochanteric fracture treated by McLaughlin nail with leg from injury to osteotomy was 13 months range 2—37 months.

B, VITO, lengthening of 4 cm. C, Results They performed a valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy; how- after 9. In nine cases, they achieved fracture absolute length of the primary line of the osteotomy. A mini- union; however, three cases required further revision surgery mal length of 2 cm of bony contact between the two fragments total hip replacement. They recorded four complications: one should be preserved with lateral displacement.

Although we perform this surgery, except for rare teotomy, one malunion distal humerus of the head treated also by total hip re- cases, without the use of an image intensifier, we do recom- placement, and one deep infection with ankylosis of the hip.


As mend its use for less experienced surgeons. If the ridge of bone between the oste- Center in Davos.

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The VITO healed without complications in otomy and the blade of the plate is too thin, the bridge may 23 cases. A deep infection developed in the remaining case.

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Release of the Different types of angled blade plates were used for the fixa- medial soft tissues, ie, mainly the articular capsule and ilio- tion of the osteotomy. The authors did not present any detailed psoas tendon at the level of lesser trochanter considerably fa- information. Marti et al20 described the classic technique of VITO If this medial soft tissue release is done carefully close to the using a ° double-angled blade plate for nonunion of the insertion, it does not impair vascularization of the femoral femoral neck in a group of 50 patients, Anglen21 has a series of head.

The only serious complication in our series re- osteotomy at the intertrochanteric level.

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The delayed union trauma, developmental dysplasia of the hip, Legg-Perthes dis- of 6 months in 2 patients was most probably caused by their easeand the lengthening was performed by another tech- advanced age 80 yearsbut both these patients achieved a nique, including the implant a condylar plate. The same au- very good final result. Our analysis was based primarily on the long-term 1. This is usually the result of the injury around the broken bone. While your symptoms may improve after a few weeks, you should seek medical attention if you develop numbness in the affected area.

Treatment for Spiral Fracture of Humerus You do not usually need any surgery to treat a spiral fracture in humerus.

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You have to wear a special splint to keep your arm in a cast to minimize movement. An open fracture may require surgery though — your doctor will repair the humerus with screws, plates, or a metal rod.

You also need to take antibiotics intravenously when you have an open fracture. It is important to receive physical therapy after your humerus starts to heal. Your physical therapist helps improve strength in your arm muscles and works to restore normal range of motion in your shoulder and elbow. You have to work with your therapists for several months to ensure proper recovery.

Possible Complications with Sustained Humerus Fracture When you develop a spiral fracture of humerus, the chances are you will recover without any surgery or serious medical intervention.

Most people recover near normal function within a few weeks, but certain complications may arise. The method described by Oppenheim et al. The amount of correction required was determined by adding the valgus angulation of the typical side to the varus angulation of the deformed side Figure 1. Figure 1: The line AB is perpendicular to the lateral supracondylar ridge located 5 mm to 10 mm above the olecranon fossa.

The line AB is perpendicular to the lateral supracondylar ridge located 5 mm to 10 mm above the olecranon fossa. After removal of the triangle ABC, the distal humerus is rotated laterally and translated medially, so that point A comes to meet point C Figure 2.

The humeral-elbow wrist angle is measured on the standard elbow, and the meeting point X of the axes of the humerus and forearm is located Figure 3. Corrected construct with no medial or lateral prominence so that X and Y coincide Figure 4.

Corrected construct with lateral prominence Figure 5. Point Y shows the intersection point between a line perpendicular to the forearm axis drawn from point X and the humeral axis. Y is medial to X, and point C must be moved medially by the distance X-Y to correct the lateral prominence.

Corrected construct with medial prominence Figure Y is lateral to X, and point C must be moved laterally by the distance X-Y malunion distal humerus correct the medial prominence. Which intersected the second line at 90°C This point of intersection was marked as point C Figure malunion distal humerus.

This triangle, which was then cut from the paper outline, was the area to be resected during surgery Figure 1. After removal of this triangle, the entire distal humerus and forearm were rotated laterally and translated medially such that point A came to meet point C Figure 2. This technique converted the humeral-elbow wrist angle to the normal valgus of the opposite elbow. If the bone defect is too big to obtain compression with shortening, structural bone autograft may be required, typically from the iliac crest.

Stable fixation is best achieved by two parallel plates with long interdigitating screws Fig. Some authors prefer the 90°—90° configuration. Compression of dureri de noapte în articulații și mușchi fragments may be obtained with a large reduction clamp first, and maintained with screws applied in compression mode.

Further compression may be achieved by undercontouring of the plates. Finally, in selected cases, a third plate, for example, a one-third tubular plate in buttress configuration, may be added to increase construct stability.

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When iliac crest bone grafting is considered, we will often apply two corticocancellous bony plates — one on each column — fixed across the nonunion site with screws. Before closure, fluoroscopic images should be taken to confirm reduction and alignment, and intraoperative range of motion should be assessed and recorded.

Postoperative management After surgery, the elbow is immobilized in extension with an anterior plaster splint and is kept elevated for one or two days. Use of sprinkled vancomycin powder prior to closure and application of a vacuum-assisted closure VAC sponge and system may be considered. Immobilization in extension may be extended for a longer period of time if there is delayed healing of the wound or if excessive swelling persists.

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As with many other elbow surgeries, early motion exercises are key, and thus active range of motion exercises begin within a day or two of surgery. However, bone healing is prioritized, and the rehabilitation regimen must be customized to the stability of the fixation, bone quality and soft tissues.

Reported outcomes Table 1 provides an overview of reported outcomes after ORIF for distal humerus nonunion from nine separate studies. What is A person who sells flower is called? Then figure out what the total cost of the trip would be.? Exercise 2: Question 8 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the. If you fracture your humerus, you might need ORIF to bring your bones back into place and help them heal.

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You will probably have imaging done, like an X-ray, to make sure that the surgery was successful. The humerus is the bone in the upper part of your arm. But what about the lesser tuberosity osteotomy done in concert with a total shoulder arthroplasty replacement.

Physical status modifier for a patient with a severe systemic disease n n We NEVER sell or give your information to anyone. What is the CPT code for an ulnar fracture? Being a smoker may also increase your risk.